Local Book Store:

Good Day Everyone,
Wow, been a while since I’ve posted anything sorry for the delay.
So visited my local Barnes&Noble book store yesterday, and purchased a book by ACE ATKINS Entitles The Innocents.
I usually read to help me build up my passion to get back to writing.
Anyway I was in the checkout line and over heard this one lady who said she was doing re-search for a book she was writing.
I excused myself and introduced myself to her then said that I was a self published author.

I Couldn’t believe how we were hitting it off I was like Yes another writing this is unbelievable. She was a local writer who wrote memoirist she gave me her card and said she keep in touch with me. I jotted down for her my email address and cell phone number along with my name.

I appreciate:

Just want to say thank you to everyone following me.
I really appreciate it. It’s still not easy trying to figure out this promoting and marketing for my re-issued book “The Case Of The Enslaved Souls”

I need reviews about my book:

Good Morning Everybody,
Well, it’s another Saturday morning, and I just put together on
an update on my re-issued book.
The Case Of The Enslaved Souls has been re-worked to a better understanding than before. I did pay a lady though from India $20.00 to do a video review which she replied in a review on “What a roller coaster of a book…Amazing book!!”
You can check it out here
Anyway I was very surprised to have been given my first 5 star rating on
Sadly however that is the only review I received, and that was on December 29th 2017.

It’s funny, I gave a Few book for free to a few friends figuring they’d read it.
Two of my friends left me comments saying it was amazing too.
While 3 friends still completed reading it straight through, that’s disappointing to say the least but oh well.
The way I see any review good or bad is a learning experience for me.
Of Course I’d be thrilled beyond belief to receive good reviews who wouldn’t,
but being a self published author I need to real in my understanding that some will also have bad reviews to. And that’s alright I’ll happily except those too.
I look at reviews this way, while a lot of them can be positive you as a writer need the negative ones to in order to learn how you can improve and move your writing forward.
So in conclusion please help me move forward, because as I love saying it I just want to keep Rockin it. *Holds my thumb up with a smile upon my face, and another book in  my future.

The Hardest Thing about trying to Promote my book?

Happy Monday Friends,
Well it’s Been another difficult day of trying to promote my book The Case Of The Enslaved Souls.
I absolutely have no idea what I’m doing. I’m on Face Book and Twitter trying my hardest. Heck believe it or not I cannot even get a comment from anyone on what they think of it, isn’t that sad?
Well I’m not if your wondering giving up or throwing in the towel and quitting,
because that’s not me. It used to be but not anymore not when my story has a message to convey.

Saturday March 24, was a day for the youth of America to be heard.

Happy Sunday,
I personally took yesterday off from doing any promoting of my book
The Case Of The Enslaved Souls.
In light of the March for our lives campaign that was going on yesterday
I didn’t want to be selfish and take away their right to be heard, and the extremely important message their were each trying to get out.
A wise man once said to me, if you ever wish to learn something new, all you need to do is shut your mouth and listen to the message being conveyed at the time.
Well I’ll tell you young people your voices and messages were heard by those who listened, never quit expressing yourselves in peaceful demonstrations, and never ever stop Rocking it.

Long awaited Up-Date:

Good Evening everybody,
Sorry I haven’t been on much to write in my blog here.
I do apologize for that, had a very interesting phone call this past Monday
from my old self publisher IUniverese.
It seams my book The Case Of The Enslaved Souls has been looked upon as a possible
featured book.
Here’s the email I received:

Hi Mr. Beksha,

Greetings! We are pleased to inform you that your book “The Case Of The Enslaved Souls” is highly recommended to participate for the 2 biggest event in publishing. We see a high potential of the book and we wanted to highlight it to these exhibits listed below. This is just available for this year for the type of book you have. Please reserve a slot as soon as possible. I will try to keep in touch with you James to make sure I can assist you the moment you are ready.
Needless to say you could only imagine my enthusiasm was beyond belief that this could be happening.
So I’m literally jumping on it and hopefully my debut book will be looked upon favorably. And Yes if your curious I am saving money like a bastard for this

Still Rocking my re-issued book:

The old saying still holds true Patients is a virtue, and believe me I’m certainly trying to be patient.
I’m trying like hell not to sound like a broken record repeating promo post, after promo post.
I don’t know it sure would help me if I got a few more in-depth comments from  people
other than my book was an awesome read or it was great.
Believe me those comments are really good, and I thank those people who say that about my book very much.

The Case Of The Enslaved Souls

Good Evening Everyone,
Well, with my post here hopefully I can get some people interested in my re-issued
book The Case Of The Enslaved Souls.
It’s been out since November 17th 2017 but I’ve been waiting until Christmas and New Year to make the official announcement here.

To be Honest with you Face book has been a real let down for me in trying to promote it.
Would you believe out of the 5 books I sent to friends only 1 of them said it was amazing.

So I thought why not try to introduce it here to see if I can get better replies to it,
and not to mention more helpful comments regarding its content.
Here’s what I asked for in my Facebook post before.
1. How do you like the different characters?, and what do you think of each of their backstor
2 What if anything do you think of the rhythm, and the pace of the story?
3. What do you think of both the henchmen within the story, and the main villain.
4. What do you think of my fictional town of Lemmington Vermont?
5. What did you think of the pace leading up to the climax of the Story?
6. What if anything did you think of the climax itself.

That’s what I asked on Face book and got nothing in the comments of what people thought about.
I’m going to putting up links that you can go to and read a bit of it and hopefully purchase it for yourselves.
But before I do that have to tell you all about this amazing lady from India.
I met her on Facebook, and she said to me she really wanted to help me with promoting it a bit on YouTube her name is Aparna Dalal, and as I talked with her regarding myself and my journey as a writer, as well as discribing to her bits about my book. She said that could review my book on YouTube for $20.00  So I sent her through pay-pal $20.00 and wow did she do an unbelievable job I’ll also allow you to see it too.

Here is my Amazon.Com Link.

Here is my Barnes& link.

And last but certainly not meant to be last is the Link on YouTube about my book.

LOL, Think before I post this I might just want to leave you with a picture of the book itself.

Want to wish:

Hello Everyone,
Just thought I’d take some time before midnight to wish all of you a very happy & safe
New Year’s Eve.
I’d like to also Thank you for liking  and following me here I really appreciate it.
My past New Years resolutions haven’t been great or easy to keep, so I’ll only make 1 this year. I resolve to Promote Eddie James much bigger this year than I did in 2015 when The Case Of The En-Slaved Souls first debuted.

Come Tuesday January 2nd I’ll be placing my very order to Book Blast Pro
for 20 books, then once I receive them will start pushing them big time.
So get yourself ready 2018 Because Eddie James is coming bigger and better than ever before.






Feeling Pumped:

Turned on my lap top this morning and saw a very pleasant surprise on my page. My very first 5-star rating and review for my re-issued book.
Would like to thank Aparna Palal for her video review on YouTube as well.
Wishing her a very happy and very productive New Year.
If you haven’t gotten a chance to see it I’ll post it here for you to view it’s incredible.