Book Sales From March to June 2019

Hey Everybody,
Your friendly neighborhood Self published author here once again.
My apologies to you I haven’t been writing much here.
However now I have something pretty incredible to share with you.
The other day for shits & giggles I took my 2019 calendar down from my wa      ll and decided to see how my book sales were going.
January & February  basically were word of mouth months. You know My books available on both Barns & Noble.Com  & and also available at the Barnes & Noble Book Store in Bellingham Mass.
            March however saw me in person at various karaoke venues singing of course,
but also trying to sell and autograph them there also.
In March I sold between 2 to 3 books within each venue, and made a significant  amount of money, and also surprisingly sold 7 books.
Keeping within this I kept showing up at these venues and selling my book there.
Not making as much as I did in March I did OK this month selling  8 books
Still striking it again I did a bit better this month Vs April selling again 8 books
With June’s number also equaling 7 books sold and autographed I now totaled up my final numbers for the 4 months.
I sold 30 books in total which equaled close to $300.00 in Books sales.

Well tis particular month is slow only selling so far 5 books but hey you know me?
“When the going gets rough all this Beksha boy has to do is Rock it just a little harder.”

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