Book Marketing Scams:

Hello Friends,
I do apologize for not posting in a while.
My post today is about Book Scammers they are out there,
and I know they are, because I was a resent victim of one.
The Self Publisher I was involved with was Author Centrix.
As much as they did an alright job with my re-issued book.
They certainly didn’t do anything but take my money when
it came to The Miami Book Festival.
I didn’t receive any updates concerning my book, or
anything on how it was being received nothing.
Since Thanksgiving I was told someone would be contacting me
with a report. So far I’ve received nothing in the way of feed back
or a report about how my book “The Case Of The Enslaved Souls”
Recently I checked  with the Better Business Bureau concerning
Author Centrix  and was very surprised to see
their rating was an F
My Fellow Writers  please be careful when receiving
suspicious emails, phone calls or texts messages a scammer
will always prey on those who seam uneducated to the ways
of marketing and promoting your book.
Remember You put your blood, sweat, and tears into what you create
hoping it will be seen by those who would enjoy reading what you wrote.
I wish you all the best in your literary pursuits< but please do keep a very
watchful eye on those who wish to rob you of your precious creative glory.

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