Chapter 1 Excerpt The Origin Of Danny Carter.

Happy Saturday everybody.
My blog entry today is going to be an excerpt from my re-issued book
“The Case Of The Enslaved Souls” I wanted to introduce you to Danny Carter.
A unique and talented little person,
My next stop was to our bank then after I needed to touch base with Danny Carter.

He worked as an assistant manager, at The Black Dragon Restaurant where he has been happily employed there for the past three years. But sadly, years before that he used to work for a traveling carnival and that’s about the time Lori-Ann and I first met him.

It was towards the tail end of August when we found ourselves stopping to stretch our legs a
bit; just taking in the sights for a while. We were heading back from Main after a much-
delayed honeymoon since our marriage back on Independence Day. I had to admit though winning that giant panda bear for Lori-Ann was pretty fun, but it also was a lot harder than it looked.

Having to knock down three milk bottles off of this barrel, but I did manage to do it with my final ball. Immediately after placing her panda into the van, Lori-Ann next removed her sandals optioning to leave them there also with the bear.

Returning from there to the carnival we continued walking around once more. Having seen pretty much everything we were about to leave when together we witnessed a hence crime being committed against another human being.

A physically challenged individual who stood four and half feet tall was finding himself being bullied by two larger men who appeared to be drunk. It wouldn’t be until making sure these guys couldn’t see her that I next could be seen walking up to them.

The Case Of The Enslaved Souls 15


Catching them both with a leg sweep I next exclaimed. “See that lady over there run to her.” Without hesitation Danny did just that, as these two guys got back up to their feet.

Being as intoxicated as they obviously were I couldn’t just hurt them, so while they tried to fight me I just let my speed and agility make them miss me.

Until they ran out of speed themselves and feel totally exhausted in front of me.

Luckily a police car was in the area and carted the two back to the station where they could sleep it off.

In appreciation for my saving his life Danny became our tour guide for the rest of our stay.


That being our initial first meeting we certainly kept in touch with him through phone calls at times, cards, and letters the rest of the time. But sadly, we lost touch with him figuring he may have fallen into hard times toward the end of 1985. Of course, who knew it wouldn’t be until 1987 before our paths would find themselves crossing once more.

I remember it was a cold night, as I drove home through the south end my heater in my Ford Mustang was cranked to the max, as I drove past an alley. When out of my left eye I happened to have spotted a person being literally being thrown into a snow bank.

But come to find out it was someone you knew believe me it hit home. Instead of taking the chance and moving Danny myself I did the next best thing and called an ambulance. Once the E.M. T’s arrived I gave them as much information as I could about Danny before they transported him to the hospital.

Immediately after which I phoned Lori-Ann to tell her what happened naturally she insisted on coming with me to the hospital. So, after making a quick pit stop home we next left to go visit Danny.

Arriving sometime later we were informed Danny hadn’t been seen yet due to his not having medical insurance. So, I took out my wallet then my credit card and charged his medical care to it.
Several hours passed before a physician came out to give us an update, according to him Danny had 3 cracked ribs and a broken left arm. The doctor also suggested that Danny had to stay off his feet for six weeks which after he left did present a problem, but luckily not a big one.

Knowing his situation as a homeless person I quickly reached out to touch another friend of
mine who we were hoping could help. That someone I reached out to happened to have been Sue
Chang a friend of mine. Who is the proprietor and owner of The Black Dragon Restaurant who I assisted one time when a couple of hoods tried to rob her.

Ever since that incident she always tells me if I ever need a favor just to ask her. So, I was hoping that favor was still open to me. Hearing she not only had a room, but a job opportunity waiting after his recovery completely made my day upon hearing that. So ever since that time in addition to living there he was also happily employed there too.

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