Chapter 1 Excerpt #2 Eddie Meeting

In this particular excerpt Eddie in asked to meet with his Uncle at Police Headquarters.
In addition Eddie meets an old friend of his Uncle’s who came to Boston in order to surprise his daughter with a visit, but tragically his visit turned into something more bizarre.

Chapter One




Monday morning, June 8th 1990 saw me walking down the hallway of Boston Police headquarters for a special meeting with my Uncle Jessie.

I dressed today for this meeting somewhat formally, not that anyone would’ve noticed.

I had on a pair of black slacks, a white silk shirt a red tie, and blue blazer.

Also, my sliver tipped cowboy boots that could be heard in unison with the rest of the officers of the precinct.

Walking toward my Uncles office a few of the detectives and uniforms who had seen me either stopped to say hello, or they’d shake my hand, as they passed by.

To tell you truth I was sort of toying with a notion that this meeting might end up with me getting hired to find a possible missing person.

After all; I have been pretty obsessed with this strange abduction case for a while. If you don’t believe me just ask my wife Lori-Ann.

She’d either see me watching the coverage intensely on television, or noticed me down in my basement office reading about it in various newspapers and periodicals I’d buy just to keep myself updated with it.

And with this past weekend’s disappearance of Brenda Davis from her downtown Boston apartment.

You could say I was literally jumping at the chance to get into this investigation big time.

Initially this all started two and a half years ago around this time out in California with the
loveliest of young women just disappearing without a trace baffling state and local authorities beyond belief as to where they could’ve gone

But even more bizarre than each of their disappearances was the crime scene evidence discovered.

Whoever this was always places two articles inside of an oversized manila envelope.

The first article was always a totally nude photograph of each of the victims in a head to toe shot followed immediately by a strange single lined message that always read.

“One more added to the fold” Scratching their heads like I said before authorities did the best they could with what little evidence they had to process.

But really who knew this would only be the beginning because other states across the country quickly began to experience the same bizarre occurrences as well.

Massachusetts up until this past weekend was one of the last states to have been spared by this bizarre epidemic.



10 James E. Beksha


Catching the site of the name plate out of my right eye it simply read:

“Jessie James Police Commissioner”

Turning slowly, I felt a subtle smile come over me as I stood before the door. I momentarily thought about him being first promoted to that prominent position by his honor the Mayor. I remember watching him; smiling; winking; over at me then giving me the thumbs up which I gave right back.

Shaking my head to awaken from my reverie, I knocked on his door listening I heard him call out to “come in”

Excusing himself he got up from behind his desk and walked over to greet me as I entered. He stood 5’10’’ tall and had a good muscular build for a man his age.

I noticed he had on the same style shirt as I had on with a blue/white uniform type tie, also a darker blue blazer hanging up beside the desk on his coat rack just to my left. He also had on black slacks that Lori-Ann and I had given him last Christmas with the creases perfectly pressed.

Uncle Jessie gave me a long hug which I might add isn’t weird in the least and hugging him back, as I did my eyes fell upon another gentleman also in the room with us.

I immediately recognized the gentleman as Mr. Alan Davis having read an article about him in a news magazine. It said he was the developer of a computerized strategic defense control system, the very first of its kind.

He looked to be around my Uncle’s age, maybe a bit younger; he had on a pair of jeans, a Grey pocket t-shirt, and brown boat shoes. I noticed he had a black brief case on the floor beside his chair on the right. It wouldn’t be until making myself a coffee that we would walk over to join his guest.
His friend naturally rose up slightly in respect to my approaching to take my seat just to his left.

After placing my cup down on the corner of my Uncle’s desk I sensed a nervousness about the man.

Looking toward Uncle Jessie, his eyes were calm, but I had a stronger than average feeling something was wrong in the room.

“Eddie, first off I’d like to thank you for coming in today for this meeting and I’d like to add that I do apologize for taking you away from anything you were busy with.”

Slowly shaking my head my Uncle watched me with the subtlest of smiles as I replied, “You’re very welcome Uncle Jessie, it’s an honor for me to be asked to be here for you, and please—you never have to apologize for taking me away from anything I’m doing.” Having said that we each saluted the other with raising our coffee mugs.

“Before I go ahead and explain why I asked you here Eddie, I’d first like to introduce you to my old college roommate Alan Davis, Alan this is my nephew Eddie James I told you about him the other day you remember?” Turning slightly, I extended my hand to him. He accepted shaking it quickly without much of a grip. Only confirming to me as he took it back that something was indeed wrong.

“Alan Please! Remember what we discussed; Eddie please accept my apology for my friend’s rudeness. It’s just he’s been here since Saturday frantic with worry about his daughter who?”
“Disappeared isn’t that right Uncle Jessie? And let me guess all Mr. Davis here found was a large manila envelope?” The silence that followed pretty much meant it was true.

While I continued sitting there drinking my coffee: my thoughts turned to the unimaginable concept of possibly getting hired by Mr. Davis to locate his missing daughter for him. Turning his head

The Case Of The Enslaved Souls 11


away from us Mr. Davis tried to conceal from our view a lone tear that was trickling down his cheek, but not meaning to I quickly spotted it. “Pardon me Mr. Davis for not taking.”

Watching him holding up his hand I gave him a minute before replying back to me. “Please Eddie, you don’t have to apologize to me, but you were right though; I did indeed receive a large manila envelope actually it was conveniently placed on my rental car’s windshield.”

Uncle Jessie and I continued to watch Mr. Davis trying to recompose himself more, before continuing to tell us about the events that transpired upon his arriving to Boston.

“Let’s see I arrived at Logan Airport about nine o’ clock, picked up my bags, rented my car then drove to my hotel to freshen up before going over to see Brenda.”

“What hotel were you staying at?”

“Oh, the Four Seasons Eddie; Sorry I’m just a bit nervous.” “That’s all right Sir you’re doing fine isn’t he Uncle Jessie?” “Yes, Alan you’re doing fine please continue my friend.”

“Thanks, well after checking in I decided to take a nap before going over to surprise her.”

My immediate impression of him was that he was indeed dedicated to not only his work with the Government, but his daughter as well.

I mean come on if you were a government employee, and your only child was moving away to a new city wouldn’t you be a bit worried about exactly where she was living too, or for that matter if the neighborhood she found herself moving into was safe.

“Let’s see I found myself next waking up around eleven to prepare for my drive over to see her; she described where she was living in a phone conversation a couple of days prior to my arriving. As a nice neighborhood from her building with the Boston Common and the State house directly across the street.”

Knowing exactly what street his friend was referring to Uncle Jessie and I could be seen nodding our heads together.

“That’s Tremont St. Alan, Eddie and I know exactly the building your talking about it’s a three-story building owned by Mrs. Gladys Preston. She rents apartments on the second and third floors, according to one of my officer’s reports Brenda lived on the third floor of that building isn’t that right?” Nodding his head toward us he next exclaimed.

“Yes Jessie, Brenda did mention that to me over the phone, eventually I did manage to get
there parking across the street, and I did meet Mrs. Preston who in my opinion was the nicest landlady I ever met before. She heard my name and immediately brought me up to Brenda’s apartment chatting with me as we went about how friendly she was.”

Hesitating for a moment before continuing his facial expression changed suggesting to us he was in a reflective moment, smiling to myself I knew exactly when those kinds of things would hit me too, so it wasn’t any trouble sitting there waiting for him to continue. “Oh, wow sorry about that guys I was just.”

Slightly embarrassed by the moment that did occur we completely understood not feeling the bit offended.

“Once inside the apartment I just simply looked around at all her unpacked boxes stacked on top of the other.

12 James E. Beksha


Knowing just how much work it might have been to completely move in it certainly didn’t surprise me the least; that she hadn’t gotten around to un-packing.

My guess is she was so exhausted, knowing my daughter, she could have taken off to the beach for all I knew.

So, I just left thinking to myself that could’ve been the reason she wasn’t there.

Anyway, after returning the key back to Mrs. Preston I thanked her for being so gracious, and proceeded across the street to my car now this is the part where it gets weird.”

Together we watched Mr. Davis reaching down to bring up his brief case from the floor continuing to watch him opening it he then pulls out a large manila envelope that he proceeds to place on the corner of my Uncle Jessie’s desk.

“I spotted my rental across the street from her building with this attached to my windshield wiper. Knowing exactly what it stood for naturally it wouldn’t be until taken it off there. Before I next saw myself opening it to view its horrific contents. Sure, enough there was a color photograph of my daughter in a?”

Meaning to say in a head to toe shot Uncle Jessie and I completely knew what he wanted to tell us. So, we excused him from not being able to continue speaking instead we sat there as his pent-up emotions finally took hold of him crying there in front of us.

It took several additional minutes more before we watched him recomposing himself.

But once he had he immediately apologized which to us given the gravity of the situation wasn’t necessary. But still we waited until he was finished after he said.

“Aside from my crying about it guy’s that’s pretty much my situation since I arrived here, so Jessie about that conversation we had the other night. I know and completely understand your position with the police department here. But do you think he could help me find her?” It suddenly occurred to me why I was invited to this meeting.

But yes, if you were to ask me if I was shocked the answer was pretty evident by the smile on my face. After which not only does Mr. Davis present me with a retainer check, but also that large manila envelope.

Never one to pass up a golden opportunity like this upon accepted that manila envelope Mr. Davis and I shook hands once more.

This time his grip felt firmer, and just a bit more confident than before as we each smiled at one another again.

It wouldn’t be until thanking my uncle also that I shook his hand in appreciation of his confidence in me.

Not until his office door closed behind me that I next could be seen pumping my fist in the air in silent celebration as to my officially being on the clock and ready to rock.

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