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A Friend of mine contacted me last night on Facebook,
and pointed something out to me concerning my first
issue of my book at the time The Case Of The En-Slaved Souls.
I saw that particular issue being sold for an unbelievable price.
Oh here’s a picture of that books cover at the time.
Yeah, Amazon.com has this still being sold, and my other with the gold badge I’m actually trying to promote.
However within a day or 2 I’ll be talking to a local lawyer regarding this issue in any event I shouldn’t really say more.
I’ll hopefully be back however with an update take care.

Writing vs The Business side

Hey Everybody how are you all doing today?
First off let me just say how much I enjoy writing.
I love the characters I create, I love the scenes I create,
and yes I love the storylines I create also.
Took me officially 23yrs of reading, and studying, and writing
draft after draft to create The Case Of The Enslaved Souls.
Now however I seam to be getting bomb barded with phone calls from different people who want me to re-publish my book.
I honestly need a person who can intercept these so called phone calls,
and field them for me. I’m a crime fiction writer not someone that gets
into the business aspects.
I need someone who can sniff out the fake people, and the fake companies who want to take advantage of me. Because I proudly created Eddie James, and I’m not going to loose him.

The Case Of The Enslaved Souls 2020

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Chapter 4 …..So far

Hey Gang check out page 21 here of Chapter 4 don’t worry I’m sill writing more………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

                                                                                                                                               Page 21
Still trying to figure out who this Singaporean assassin is we were no closer to learning his identity, at least not yet.  
However, as we were breaking up the meeting in my office my cousin enters with a new file he places down upon my desk.
      “Ahh, I take it this isn’t your recognition?” Folding his arms, he gives me a smirk.
“Just look at it smart ass because whoever this is just upped his game to the next level.” Opening the folder looking I spotted 7 pictures along with backgrounds upon each of them.
“What is this some kind of a joke?” Watching him sitting down in one of my client chairs he continued discussing this newest wrinkle.
    “No, wish I was cousin, but sadly I’m not, those are the newest back of ladies missing all were abducted by the same strange white van as the first lady in that pile of pictures there.” Looking down at the first picture, I then looked at the young lady’s back round sheet.
    “Lisa Westbrook pretty young lady, age 24 flight attendant.” Nodding his head B.J. then points out the next lady under Lisa Westbrook’s photo.  “Alison Winkle 22yrs old college freshman.” Looking at the others, and their back rounds. “Sounds like it’s human trafficking?”
Nodding his head looking at me. “That’s why I say whoever this is upping their game.”
“Doesn’t sound like a resurrection of the case I was involved with years ago thank God.” I exclaimed to my cousin who just nodded his head back to me.
     “Most definitely not cousin, last report I received concerning Maxwell Escobar was he was still in his comatose state.” Suddenly from my offices silent my cousin cell phone goes off playing his Rocky themed ring tone.
     “Yes, What? Where? Ok my cousin and I will be there don’t move in until we get there.” Hang up B.J. looks at me replying back “Feel like riding shot gun?”
“Shot gun hell, I’ll chauffer where we heading?” Taking along the file with the abducted ladies with us B.J. and I left getting into my fire engine colored Oldsmobile 442.
However as we were in-route to meet my cousins men Lori-Ann, Brenda, & Sue were being shown around at their safe house location by one of Snakes most trusted students Branden Taylor.
     “As you can see ladies we are miles away from any other dwelling with only these 3 log cabins built entirely by we ninja’s here.”
“It’s absolutely beautiful!” Relied Lori-Ann looking around at the trees and various bushes.
“So, you’ll have the second cabin it has everything you need, and it’s been fully stocked,
you’ll each within the cabin have your own bedroom. It also has a kitchenet, and spacious living room. “ The four of them entered the cabin, and just to their right was a fire already going in the fire place.


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The Return of Eddie James Chapters 1,& 2,& 3…So Far.

Ready or not here we go I appreciate you reading this, and look forward on reading your comments in regards to it.

It’s said when we dream we see things, and a lot of us do some really good dreams,
And some not so good dreams, but like life dreams do happen.
Now for yours truly here, yes I do dream, and on this particular night well let’s just say
the dream I had was most disturbing.
     However before I go about telling you about it I need to explain something.
In the past no correction almost every time I pick up an object I visualize 3 things associated with that item that never makes sense when it happens, but eventually it dose make complete sense in the end.
Having said that, now here comes the dream. To say it was a bizarre dream would be stretching it. It had 3 shadowy figures the first person seated, and looked unable to move, or stand up.
While the other two figures behind him just stood where they were behind him.
Now within this dream a burst of flame shot up within it changing the scene now within this new scene the third man appeared to be dousing the seated individual with a water like substance.
Once I witnessed that like before another flame shot up within the dream only this time in the 3rd I didn’t visually see a thing, instead I head what sounded like 2 pop, pop, sounds that naturally woke me up in a cold sweat.
      Breathing heavy the last thing I ever wanted to do was disturb or wake up Lori-Ann from sleeping, so after leaning into her to whisper in her ear. “Excuse me baby need to use the bathroom.” Smiling I watch as she lifts herself up enough to allow me to get my arm from beneath her.
Smiling before leaving to enter the upstairs hallway, I watch as Lori-Ann readjust herself falling back to sleep.
There were 3 questions on my mind as I walk into the upstairs bathroom. The first question was why this was happening to me in my dreams at night? The Second question was who were those two guys, and what exactly were they doing to that seated individual, and third question was even though I pretty much knew what those sounds were, why?
     Turning the faucet on I looked at my reflection in the mirror hopping of course for an immediate answer to jump out at me. Yeah like that was going to happen.
Cupping some warm water into my hands I tossed it up into my face then getting the towel off the shower loop I dried my face replacing the towel into the loop again.
Descending the stairs I paused to look around at what Lori-Ann and I had achieved for ourselves.
My wife’s psychology degree hung framed next to the front door. While my 5 championship belts hung over the fireplace. Smiling I thought to myself about the times we’d cuddle upon the couch in front of the roaring fire in the wintertime. Or Lori-Ann would usually giggle seeing me always falling sleep in my reclining chair, after a long day of investigating.
Shaking my head smiling to myself although I loved reminiscing about the exception love my wife and I had to each other. I knew it wouldn’t explain about the strange dreams I kept having.

                                                                                                                                                Page 4

Walking into our kitchen I stood there admiring that room also we had a state-of-the-art stove,
and a refrigerator with an ice machine. We had counter space to do whatever we wanted and a state of the art breakfast nook with 4 wooden stools.
   Picking out my coffee cup from the dish strainer it read upon it.
“5-time Martial arts Champion always Rockin it” it was a gift Lori-Ann surprised me with after my very last championship defense of my title.
Pour the cold coffee from the coffee pot then fixing the cup to how I liked it with a splash of milk and 2 sugars I Placed the cup into the microwave over I punched 2 minutes upon the devices timer.
Seeing two newspapers upon the breakfast nook caused me to smile once again. Thinking to myself Lori-Ann must have left those out for me to see in hopes they would lead me to a new huge investigation.
     Catch the micro wave before the timer sounded I took my coffee cup out then brought it over sitting upon one of the stools. I next found myself reflecting upon my minor cases since my very first big case that brought me notoriety.
Sure, I had 2 embezzlement cases that me occupied, along with 2 or 3 bodyguard cases that kept me gainfully employed. I even had myself a stake out with a husband trying to catch him in an extra marital affair which I soon found out from the upset wife after showing her the risky photo’s her husband and this other woman were having, and yes if your curious she did pay me for my work, but after that experience I said no I wasn’t going to ever that kind of investigation again.
       The Two papers I spotted were both dated a few months apart from each other. One was dated February 6th1995, and the other paper was dated April 12th, 1995.
according to the article both victims were burnt beyond recognition and both had two bullets in the backs of both their heads.
Upon further reading of both articles it said that the first victim Beverly McKenzie was a 23yr old graduated hairstylist from Tulsa Oklahoma. It also said she moved to Boston most recently to see if she could make it here on the east coast.
While the 2nd victim Bret Martin was a 25yr old pastry chef from New York City. Now my only question as I placed them together was would they have to die at all for chasing what they loved doing?  Checking the time to see it was 4:25a.m. I finished my heated coffee rinsed my cup out put it back in the dish strainer then went back upstairs to catch a couple more hours of sleep.

                                                                                                                                          Page 5
Most married couples waking up from a sound restful sleep would simply just pop up out of bed.
But not Lori-Ann and I we had our own special way of starting each and everyday since my gallant rescue of not only her, but also the rescue of  Brenda Davis my current Sister-in-law married to my kid brother Elvis.
   Of course the only one to blame here is none other than Maxwell Escobar wow haven’t said that guy’s name in a lot of years.
Falling just to the right side of the bed Lori-Ann explains to me trying to recapture her breathing once again.
     “Tell me, Tell me something please. Do we find ourselves getting more aggressive each time you know we do this or is it just my imagination?”  Turning my head to se grinning looking at me I smile back catching my breath replying back. “Well you’ll never hear me complaining about us being more or less aggressive doing this.” Leaning over to my side Lori-Ann kisses my lips passionately sliding her sweet tongue into my mouth. As we playfully keep kissing, I exclaimed to her. “You do realize sweetheart that, as I’m loving this being with you doing this.
Your kind of putting off my morning workout.” Smiling wrapping her slender arms around my neck Lori-Ann replies back to me. “Oh, now the gentleman complains.” Smiling looking at her
I pull her hard into my body as I playfully smack her bare ass. Falling back into her pillow I see her watching me getting up out of bed walking into the bathroom after grabbing a towel.
       My bathroom routine consisted of shaving first, then jumping my ass into the shower.
As The warm water cascaded down upon me I cleaned myself washing my hair last then turning off the water grabbing my towel to start drying myself off.
Like most morning I dressed according to the weather outside today it started out cool, so I wore
a pair of grey sweatpants, a muscle shirt, and a hooded sweatshirt with the sleeves cut slightly at the elbow. As I tied my sneakers sitting upon the toilet.
       Descending the stairs I smiled catching the smell of breakfast being cooked by my beautiful wife. “Bout time you came down was wondering if you were, as hungry, as me.”  Smiling I walked over to her kissing her with my arms around her, as she held up the two plates of food.
“Bacon, eggs, home fries, and toast the breakfast of champions I love how you cook sweetheart.”
“Heard you get  up this morning, couldn’t sleep?” Sitting beside as I stabbed a piece of my home fries with my fork.
“Had another one of these bizarre dreams last night that woke me up, I didn’t disturb you did I when I got up?” Smiling Lori-Ann picks a piece of toast taking a small bite before exclaiming back. “Oh no feel back to sleep, but hey just worried about you, this is like the third strange dream you had in 3 months.”
“Fourth actually sweety, still can’t figure out why I keep having them.” Whipping my mouth with a napkin I ate a couple eggs, as Lori-Ann says to me. “What was it you used to say to me when I was having all those nightmares years ago?” Smiling as I finished my breakfast, I looked at her after chewing the rest of my food to exclaim back. “Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and focus upon something happy.” Smiling, I did exactly those three things, after that leaning over we kissed each other deeply.

                                                                                                                                               Page 6
The time was now 8:45a.m. As Lori-Ann followed me outside to watch me pre-stretch before my 5-mile run. Neither of us knew what was happening at The Black Dragon Restaurant at that very moment.  Seeing Snake, and Elvis coming out carrying Sue Chang and Danny Carter Fire Chief Douglas Masters wasn’t to pleased despite rescuing the individuals.
“What the same hell were you two doing in there, I ought to have you arrested for trespassing.”
All my brother, and Snake could do was shake both their heads after listening to the fire chief
to which Elvis then replies back.
“Why don’t give us a, hey good job. Instead of a I ought have you two arrested for trespassing,
because if my friend and I didn’t have the balls to go there. Then your paramedics would have had 3 bodies to haul out of there vs 1 so Your welcome Chief Masters.” Elvis stood there next to Snake with both their a rms folded watching as, a couple paramedics came over to give oxygen to both Sue & Danny.
    Sue could only wonder, as she watched the firemen with their hoses pointed upon the blaze
just what the insurance company was going to award her for damages to her restaurant.
While the fire fighters battled the blaze at Sue Chang’s restaurant a tall mysterious stranger was just arriving walking into the terminal of Logan Airport. The man was tall, his weight proportioned to his height. He wore black slacks with the crease perfectly pressed, He also wore
a white silk shirt with a red tie, also he wore silver tipped cowboy boots.
With no words spoken between the terminal agent and the stranger. The terminal agent stamped his passport then the stranger smiled and walked away through the airport terminal, and into an arriving taxicab. As the taxi was takin its passenger to where he was being brought to.
       I on the other hand always knew that after a hearty breakfast one must stretch to avoid major cramps before any sort of a serious run. Also, when jogging one needs to be observant of hers or his surroundings.
Smiling I always looked to the left and right as I ran. Most mornings I always saw the sun kissing the Charles River, and a few M iles past that at a local park I always saw someone throwing a tennis ball for their dog to go full speed chasing it grabbing it within his mouth then carrying it back.
        The Time was now 8:15a.m. before I happen to stop at a local bubbler for a couple sips of water .But just as I was about to proceed I witnessed a young girl running after someone.
Now I knew quite well to mind my own business, and I was about to until of course I saw this young man stopping then watching he pushes the young girl hard to ground.
Well I let out after him crossing the field as fast as I could then I flew into the air tackling this young man taking him harder to the ground. Moving to get up quick I sat on this kids stomach holding his wrists above his head.
      “Well, not bad if I do say so myself, so you want to tell me what you were doing back there shoving that girl to the ground?” The Young man stared hard at me struggling to get up.
“Listen Mr. I don’t know who you are, but that girl’s crazy let me up before she comes over here.” The young man didn’t have to long before the girl approached us. “Thank you so much Mr. for stopping this idiot for me, all right you son of a bitch give back what you took from me.”
The girl then rapidly kicked the young man in his ribs, before I could stop her. “Whoa, What the heck was that for?” I asked the young girl, as she took a few steps back.
                                                                                                                                               Page 7
 “That creep deserved it he stole a picture of my brother Christopher.” Looking down at the strange young man. “So, you stole a picture of this girl’s brother huh, is that true?” The young man’s expression changed as he exclaimed. “I told you she was crazy.” Usually I reserved my actions, but I instead quickly smacked this kid fast across his face then grabbing him by his shirt lifting him up to look him in the eye.
         “Now I’m going to ask you 1 more time punk, did you or did you not take a picture from this young girl?” The young man’s expression was one of being afraid as he replied back “Yes. Yes, I did please don’t slap me again.” Seeing the picture slightly in his top pocket I pulled it out handing it to the 12yr girl exclaiming. “Is that your brother’s picture?” Looking back seeing the young girl nodding her head. I smiled looking up at her, then turned my attention back to the young punk once again. “Well, now that’s been resolved whoever you are, I think you owe this young girl an apology.” Seeing him nodding his head fearfully he then exclaims to the girl.
         “I’m so sorry I took that picture from you it will never happen ever again I swear.” Lifting myself back up to my feet then watching the young man slowly getting up himself I said one last thing to him. “I Hope you learned your lesson here about taking things that don’t belong to you,
and if I ever hear you bothering this girl again, well you better think twice about it, not get your ass out of here.” Not hesitating the young girl, and I watch, as young man runs off, and out of site.
         “My God Thank you so much for your help I really appreciate it.” Smiling the girl throws her arms around me I place mine a bit around her to. “Your very welcome, say what’s your name anyway, in all this confusion I never asked you.” Smiling the young girl replies back
“My Name is Alicia Mendez, and you are?” Smiling extending my hand to her I exclaim back.
“Pleasure to meet you Alicia, my name is Eddie James.” Watching her pulling back from me she looks up at me with wide eyes. “Oh my God you saved my mother from that maniac years ago.”
Before either of us could say another word from behind us we heard a voice exclaim. “Alicia Elizabeth Mendez do you know how scared I was?”
    Turning around the lady speaking next upon seeing me there says Softly “Oh my God Eddie, is that, is that you?” Forgetting for a moment
her being upset with her daughter we embrace each other in a mutual hug. “Yes, it’s me all right how Are You Kristen?”  Stepping back replacing her arm around her daughter’s waist Kristen then replies back. “Oh, I’m hanging in there, no help from this little one scaring me half out of my wits.” Smiling I thought for a few minutes of my brother Elvis and I rescuing the ladies along with Kristen from Maxwell Escobar years ago, When they were destined to be sold as human slaves
      “Let me get this straight, this other guy stole your brothers picture, and you ran after him to get it back?” Shaken her head I picked up telling the story from there. “I watched this guy push Alicia, and thought to myself enough is enough, so I ran across the field and tackled and knocked the guy down. That’s when I found out this guy stole Alicia’s brothers’ picture.” Smiling with a tear in her eye Kristen kisses her daughters head. “You scared me half to death not knowing where you disappeared, but thank you Eddie for helping Alicia, I appreciate it.” Leaning over Kristen give me a hug and kiss on my cheek.

                                                                                                                                     Page 8
Before Kristen and her daughter left, I handed them a business card to my brother Elvis’s restaurant.
Smiling I waved good-bye, as they both waved back to me suddenly my sixth sense warned me of something yet unknown was about to happen.
Whispering to myself. “God, I hate when my sixth sense comes upon me like this.” A Call came in at that very moment, as my cell phone starting playing “Heartbreak Hotel”
    “Hey, B.J. what going on?” Listening in the background to hear other voices my cousin finally exclaims back.
    “Plenty Cousin, we got a fire down here at The Black Dragon Restaurant, and 1 unidentified dead body. How soon can down here cousin?”  Turning my head as a cruiser passed me, I exclaimed back to my cousin. “I’m on my way right now, Hey How is Sue and Danny did they get out ok?”
    “Yeah, Snake and Elvis got them out, then Elvis got an ear full from Chief Murphy.” Laughing among ourselves I said to him after I was on my way.
       As I paced myself running again, I visualized within my mind the 3 shadowy figures once more, then I visualized one the individuals dumping what looked like a watery substance over the seated person. This time however all I heard within the final scene were the two pop, pop sounds.
     By the time I got to the alleyway, all that was left of the restaurant was a smoldering, and charred shadow of an amazing eatery owned by an energetic lady with a vision.
Sadly as I caught site of Sue watching the remaining fire fighters still diminishing any embers left burning.
“B.J. phone me, and told me there was a fire down here. I’m so sorry Sue.” Placing my arm around her waist. Feeling Sue’s arms automatically wrapping themselves around me.  
       Looking over to see Elvis talking with B.J. I next watched as Uncle Jesse walks over to both Sue, and I.
“Hello Eddie, see your cousin got a hold of you.” Shaking his hand giving each other a hug.
“How are you doing Sue?” With her eyes closed, she breathed in the air, at the same time Sue visualized within her mind the restaurant she once had. “Think I’m o.k. Hard to believe though this happened to tell you the truth.” Never being the typical style of police commissioner, he smiles walking up to Sue to give her a gentle hug.
Seeing my blood brother Snake walking over next I excused myself walking to him. Watching him extending his out to me we each shook hands.
      “This scene is crazy.” I said looking around at the people gathering to observe.
“That’s putting it mildly should of seen it when Elvis, and I hustled over here.”
“Where were you when it started over at the dojo?” Pulling back smiling at me Snake exclaims.
“I swear your sixth sense Eddie, yes Elvis and I saw the fire out the window of the dojo”
“Sorry Snake, but B.J. said you and Elvis got Danny and Sue out there, so deductive reasoning suggested you and my brother were close to restaurant.” Watching him smiling he then said to me. “Well, better you hearing that from your cousin and not what Chief Murphy said to us.” I Smiled back as he said to me. “No Please you didn’t?”  ”I Ought to have you arrested for pulling a stupid stunt like that” Together we high fived each other.
                                                                                                                                                 Page 9
Seeing B.J. walking over to us we joined him near Uncle Jesse as he said to us.
“The victim’s name was Christopher Mendez he was 18yrs old, and the son of.”
“Kristen Mendez, Sorry cuz I happened to save her daughter Alicia from a guy who stole her brother’s picture, don’t worry the little girl got it back.” I mentioned to Uncle Jesse, B.J. & Snake. “Well that’s good you were able to help.” Excusing ourselves Snake and I went over to check on Danny.
       “Hey Danny, How are doing?” Together Snake, and I exchanged high fives with Danny upon seeing him handing the face mask back to the paramedic.
“Well if it weren’t for Snake here getting me out when he did, thanks big guy appreciate the assist.” Catching Danny looking over at the stretcher with Christopher Mendez covered by the
coroner. We watched as he slide the covered body into his car closing the back.
    “Danny, I hate to ask this at this time, all but can you tell me how this all started?”
“Let’s see well these 2 guys came into the restaurant about 3 weeks ago wanting to buy it for their boss, and Sue told them the restaurant wasn’t for sale, and you think that’ that huh?
Well these 2 bozo’s came back about 2 weeks ago again wanting to buy the restaurant for their boss like before, however this time Christopher said to these guys to get out of here
Sue wasn’t selling her restaurant.” Looking at each other Snake and I figured this is why the restaurant was destroyed.
      “ Guess, Young Mendez stood up to these fellows gallantly.” Nodding my head to Snake.
“Now, all we need to figure out who these two guys were, and who this mysterious boss is?”


                                                                                                                                               Page 10
Technically I wasn’t on the case officially but being the kind of guy, I was didn’t ever stop me from poking around. So, While Lori-Ann, Snake, and Elvis were at Mass General with Danny & Sue. I decided to do some poking around at Police Headquarters just to see what I could turn up.
   My first destination was the coroner’s office to check in with Jack Tunney. I first met Mr. Tunney a couple months ago when Uncle Jesse and I were at the crime scene of Beverly McKenzie. The thought of her being burned beyond recognition still gave me chills thinking about it.
Jack was and still is a physically fit individual who Stands 6’0’’ tall in height, and weighs
230lbs. Today he was wearing his white lab coat over a flowery styled shirt with dark blue jeans, and his Texas style boots.
      “Hey Eddie, Good seeing you, how are things going?”
“Hey Jack, great seeing you to, oh things are going pretty good thanks, thought I’d swing by to see what you discovered in your autopsy with Christopher Mendez if you don’t mind.”
Jack smiles flipping over his metal cover to his clip board then says to me.
‘Well, Christopher’s kneecaps were broken for starters, he also had 2 bullets that I discovered
within the back of his head.” Holding up a plastic baggie with the 2 bullets in it.
“Looks like 2 hallow point bullets.” Smiling Jack Tunney replies back.
“Very Good Eddie you know your bullets even though you don’t use a firearm yourself.”
“Well, I always asked questions about what I didn’t know growing up, guess Uncle Jesse
was a better teacher in my youth.” Shaking his hand upon my leaving my cell phone started to ring.
       “Eddie James here, talk to me.” The caller on the other end replied back playfully.
“Guess you are because sadly you’re not here?” Smiling I reply back knowing full well who was on the other end of this call. “You do realize my arms would be wrapped around you sweetheart.” Listening to hear Lori-Ann giggling softly she then replies back to me
“Perhaps I shouldn’t be distracting you this way baby, but I wanted to tell you both Sue, & Danny got checked out, and with some smoke inhalation they will be all right other than that.”
“Well, that’s great to hear concerning Sue, and Danny, I’ve been here, at Police Headquarters  talking to Jack Tunny in regards to his findings from the autopsy he performed on Christopher Mendez.”
“Can’t wait to hear about tonight I mean if you want to tell me sweety?” Smiling of course I was going to tell her about what Jack Tunney said to me. But as we disconnected, from our phone conversation. I thought as long as I was at Police Headquarters, I’d check in with Uncle Jesse.

                                                                                                                                             Page 11
Knocking lightly upon his office door I heard Uncle Jesse say, “Come in” Entering his office
I smiled closing the door behind me. Smiling himself he said to me. “Help yourself to some coffee its fresh then come sit down I have something to talk to you about.” Walking over to the coffee machine I pour myself a cup then fix it up the way I like it, then grabbing a coaster I seated myself just to the right in front of Uncle Jesse placing my coaster down on the corner.
    “So, how did it go with your condolence visit with Kristen Mendez?” I asked taking a sip of my coffee. “It went better with officer Abigail along with me.” Watching my Uncle handing me an envelope I open it to see a letter inside of it, opening it I read it to myself.
“Dear Eddie,
I apologize for you reading this, and I know I should be discussing this with you in person, but please forgive me for doing this in this way, but I want to hire you to find  out who killed my son.
I have instructed your Uncle upon you placing this letter down to accept a 2nd envelope he will be handing you. You don’t have to count it, I’ll be happy to tell you it’s $2,500 to get you started.
I love my son Eddie, and I want his killer to be brought to justice.
Placing the letter down Uncle Jesse opens his desk drawer handing me the very sizeable second envelope.  “Congratulations, I heard you spoke with Jack Tunney already in regard to his autopsy of the Mendez boy.”  Nodding my head after swallowing my sip of coffee I replied back.
    “Yes, Sorry Uncle Jesse just doing some poking around” Smiling he nods his head saying back to me. “It’s o.k. now your official, so according to Jack the Mendez boy had two broken kneecaps, and 2 hallow point bullets shot in the back of his head.” As I kept sipping my coffee
another knock came upon my Uncle’s office door. Turning to see ballistic expert Carl Hornsby walking in I stood up respectfully shaking Carl’s hand. “Pleasure seeing you again Eddie.”
Pleasure as well seeing you also Carl, how are things in the ballistic world?”
  “ Oh, You know Eddie killing it every day.”
Clearing his throat Uncle Jesse then exclaims to Carl. “Excuse me Carl, but is there an official reason that brought you here? Picking up my coffee cup again sipping it I watch as Carl hands a large manilla folder over to Uncle Jesse.
     “Jack Tunny brought over two bullets, and wanted me to rush my findings over to you Commissioner James.” Nodding my head to him Carl nods his head back to me, as he leaves Uncle Jesses office closing the door behind him.
    “Looks like Carl had copies made for you to Eddie?” Handing me the few pages I looked them over carefully taking each page to put them into order. “Oh wait, here Jack made you copies to his autopsy of Chris Mendez.” Handing me another file folder least Jack Tunney organized them for me.
     “Please Thank Jack for me Uncle Jesse I appreciate these?” Smiling I made sure I had everything I needed to start this investigation.
However, As Sue Chang was inside her bank to make a withdrawal. Danny expresses his worry about Sue with Lori-Ann. “Can I tell you something Lori-Ann?” Turning to face Danny Lori-Ann replies back “Of course you can Danny, What’s on your mind?” But just before speaking Sue Chang emerges out of her bank.
    “Here, could give to Eddie please?” Looking inside to see a huge wade of money.
                                                                                                                              Page 12
Looking inside the small envelope both Danny, & Lori-Ann saw a large sum of money within it.
Whistling Danny exclaims. “That’s a whole lot of cabbage Sue.” Folding her arms with her eyes closed all Sue could say to that was “Danny, you lost your home, and I lost my business, so the way I see it I could sit around being pissed at the world for what happened to us. Or I could make an investment in getting us some justice. What would you want?” Nodding his head Danny replied back. “Good point.”
    Lori-Ann placed her hand upon Sue’s arm then started her car and drove Sue, and Danny back to my brother Elvis’s restaurant/club called “Flashback2”
However yours truly on the other hand was just coming out of our local bank shortly after depositing the retainer money.
Now my first order of business, as an investigator was getting started with my current investigation,  but before I began any investigation into Christopher Mendez’s death.
What I needed to do first was start at the very beginning with 23yr.old Beverly McKenzie.
      According to the various citizens I spoke with they all confirmed that Yes there were
2 individuals around asking to buy certain businesses out.
Upon glancing at the pictures of the 2 individuals within the police folder naturally I didn’t recognize them of course.
So my preliminary theory is that both Beverly McKenzie, and Bret Martin must have told these 2
that their businesses were not for sale at any price.
Sitting in my Oldsmobile 442 I opened the other folder briefly to look at Carl Hornsby’s ballistic report. Smiling I whispered to myself “Damm, I’m Good” seeing that the 2 bullets were two hallow point bullets caused to me to pump my fist.
       I thought it best to double check these 2 out with my cousin, at F.B.I. headquarters who knows what the federal bureau could dig up. But as I was heading to meet my cousin.
A meeting was taking place in Cambridge Mass
in an abandoned warehouse. It’s windows had several pains knocked out from kids who through rocks at them, before getting chased off by local security guards.
It was painted a dull white, as the yellow taxi cab stopped by the black colored limousine a tall gentleman emerged from it handing the cabbie his fair money. The man wore a black leather  wear jacket with gold ruffles, and silver buttons, he also because the weather was warmer had on a white colored button down shirt, his blue jeans sharply pressed, and he also had upon his feet sturdy black boots.
          Opening the warehouse door a light shown where another distinguished gentleman was seated.  “Welcome, I see you had no trouble getting through customs?”  Said none other than Vincent Pacheco seated in front of what looked an old-style warehouse desk. The mysterious Gentleman walks in then over to Vincent. “No, I had absolutely no trouble getting through customs you were right. Absolutely no one recognized me.”  Pacheco smiled standing up extending his hand out straight to Singaporean shaking it then gesturing him to sit down in the chair in front of the desk. The Mysterious Gentleman lowered himself into it.
     “I take your hotel accommodations you specified met with your approval?” Nodding his head man smiling pleasantly at Mr. Pacheco. “ Excellent, well your new job here will be as my negotiator.” Explaining further what his duties entailed.
                                                                                                                                           Page 13
Two mysterious metal containers were being hoisted onto a wooden palled to be taken to be disposed of.
My Cousin B.J. And I however were each in route to different locations.
      “Hey Cuz, was gonna swing by F.B.I. Headquarters and pick your brain for a while, you mind?”
“Cousin, you know I love it, but sadly I’m off got a tip from one of my agents, about two suspicious metal barrels. I’ll fill you in on what I find out tonight at Flashback2 see yeah around 7:30PM.”  Smiling I excused my cousin this time and said to him I’ll catch up with him later this evening.
Someone gave me a tip of where I could find Bonnie & Carrie Beckman parking my Oldsmobile across the street from The Boston Common I walked slowly. Seeing them dressed in silk shirts
I figured Bonnie was the girl on right in the light blue silk shirt, and Carrie was on left in light pink silk shirt. Both had on also knee high white blouses, and stylish black flat shoes.
      “Excuse me, ladies I wonder if I may talk to you about your friend Christopher Mendez”
As they both looked up in amazement I was standing there.
“Oh my God, Your Eddie James.” Smiling I shook both their hands as they each extended theirs out to me.
“Pleasure to meet you both, I hear your friends with Christopher Mendez? You mind if I ask you a few questions?” I wasn’t to sure if both of them were aww struck still from meeting me or not,
so Bonnie Beckman said first to me. “Yes, well we were his friends, still cannot believe he’s dead though.”
          “How was he with his fellow classmates? I mean did he get along with them. Did he have a few of them who teased him at all? I’d just want to get a sense of who Christopher was” Looking at each other Carrie said.
“Well, during his freshman year like most of us back then he was kind of shy, at first until Chris warmed up to you.” Taking a sip of her water Bonnie continued with the conversation by saying.
“I can agree with my sister Mr. James, Christopher was shy at first, but did warm up to people once they got used to him, and the teachers didn’t really have a problem with him either.” Smiling at her I said “Call me Eddie please.”
      “So, is there anyone I can speak to at the high school, a principal or guidance counselor?”
“Oh of course, Darlene West is our Principal, and our guidance counselor is Emily Morrison.”
Jotting both names down in my pocket notebook I thanked both Carrie, and Bonnie for their help.
As I started walking back to my car B.J. was at that very moment meeting up with the officers on the scene.
“Two Kids came upon the metal barrels, and they smelled strange so they reported it into the local precint. The Officers arrived and discovered uncovering them this.”  Showing my cousin, the contents of the two barrels B.J. turned his head walking a couple steps away to throw up.
     “God that’s gross thank you officer for that report you may be excused.” Watching the Officer walking away my cousin to started walking over to an arriving vehicle who happened to be at that point Uncle Jesse.  
Holding his hand up now standing near his truck B.J. Says to his father.
                                                                                                                                              Page 14
         “I wouldn’t go any closer to those metal barrels Dad unless you want to gag upon seeing it’s horrific contents.” Carefully my cousin explained just what he saw, and even pointed to where he threw up also.
“Sounds like Jack has his work cut out for him.” Standing beside B.J. Uncle Jesse hands him a breath mint witch B.J. accepts.
“In more ways than one-way dad. Thanks for the breath mint.” Smiling over to B.J. both my cousin and Uncle watch as Boston’s top coroner walks up to them. “See, the bodies keep on coming Commissioner.” While B.J. Walks to confer with a couple officers, Uncle Jesse walks watching Jack Tunney examining the barrels contents. “I know this may be a stupid question, but you haven’t idea who these 2 are?”
     “Sure do, Clive McDaniel and my guess to other would be Little Anthony Mazzula?” Looking at the coroner shaking his head, Uncle Jesse starts to say something then he changes his mind.
“How soon before you can make it conclusive its them?” Seen writing something upon a clipboard he carries around with him. Jack Tunney looks at his watch
then says to my Uncle Jesse “Figure I’ll have my final report on these two on your
desk by 5 P.M tonight.”  
          While everyone was still at the crime scene little did anyone see the strange black car
parked across the street. Its tinted windows made it impossible for anyone to see who the driver was behind the wheel.
Sitting on the second level of my brother Elvis’s club, at a table overlooking the entrance.
I felt her arms wrapping around me as, she kissed the back on my neck.
     “How’s Sue, and Danny making out?”
“Sue’s doing good, she helping in the kitchen, and taking reservations. Danny is helping to
passing out menus and seating customers.”
“How’s your case going?”
“Had a chat with 2 friends of Christopher Mendez today in the Boston Common.”
“What did they have to say, anything that could be helpful?”
“Not really they each said he got along both with his teachers, and his classmates.”
“Excuse me Eddie, mind if I add something?” Seeing Sue standing upon the second level.
Lori-Ann, and I smiled at her. ” Why don’t you join us Sue?” Watching her pulling up another chair she seated herself beside Lori-Ann and I.
    “Thank You Listen I don’t know if Danny already told you this or not, but two men came to see me insisting on buying my restaurant. They said they represented an interesting buyer.”
“Did they mention this person’s name at all?”
“No they didn’t but when these two men showed up again a second time trying to get me to sell
Christopher was close by to hear these two guys threating me, and got right into both their faces.” “Sounds to me like Christopher was only defending his boss against these two bullies.” Taken a moment I pulled out the two mug shots of Clive McDaniel, and Little Tony Mazzula showing Sue her eyes widened saying back to us “That’s them those are the two guys right there.”

                                                                                                                                               Page 15
         “These are the two guys who approached you about selling your restaurant?” I asked watching Sue examining the pictures carefully.  “Yes, Eddie this is them, they said they represented their boss.” Sue took a sip of her tea, as I asked her. “They didn’t by any chance mention their bosses name perchance?” Thinking for a minute Sue finally said. “I think they said his name was Vincent Pacheco or something like that.” Seeing the expression upon my face hearing that name naturally had Lori-Ann concerned a bit.
    No matter what Vincent Pacheco  was ever accused of doing he always had this lawyer who every time got the charges against his client either dropped or dismissed.
      Case in point two years or so back Lori-Ann was at the shopping center backing out a parking space, and at the same Abigail Pacheco was also at that moment pulling out of her parking space.
       Consequences were both vehicles collided hitting one other. Getting out to examine her car, Lori-Ann didn’t see any physical damage to her car, and when asked if she was injured at all  Lori-Ann said she was fine.  However, as Abigail emerged from her vehicle she had her right hand behind her neck claiming she had whip lash.
My wife just shook her head with that unbelieve look upon her face she gets, because believe me
if both vehicles had sustain any physical damage then Abigail would have a reason to complain.
But come on seriously getting whip lash pulling your car out of a  parking doing what 2 miles an hour at best.
     Getting a call from Uncle Jesse regarding the incident sure would had me worried, but when Uncle Jesse explained the situation to me he and I both laughed about it.
Lori-Ann was charged with driving to endanger or so their lawyer claimed, so we went to court.
For 2 days of deliberation we sat there. The first day was the Pacheco lawyer telling the judge of what a dangerous driver my wife was, and even though she wanted to dispute the allegations I kept whispering into Lori-Ann’s ear to be calm and let Randy handle it. And with that the judge eventually dropped the charges against Lori-Ann.
        “You all right sweetheart?” Lori-Ann asked me. Turning my head smiling she said back. “Just in one of my reflective moments baby, after hearing that name of Vincent Pacheco.”
“I can imagine sweety.” Getting up I grabbed the folders I had with me entering my office
I stopped to pour myself a coffee fixing it the way I liked it. I then walked over sitting behind me desk watching as Sue, and Lori-Ann continued talking amongst themselves.
        Little Anthony Mazzula’s rap sheet read like a wait I’m innocent file he was arrested on numerous occasions for aggravated assault. A rap that occurred against a twelve-year-old,
but sadly with no witnesses present that charge was dropped by the presiding judge.
But no matter which way you cut it Little Anthony was and is a pervert.
           Clive McDaniel’s arrest record wasn’t any better a couple breaking and entering charges, a couple aggravated assault charges, and one beating of another man who was 18yrs old that left that young man mentally incapacitated. But as I was trying to make sense of the Christopher Mendez killing, and tried as best I could to somehow tie it to the Beverly McKenzie killing, as to the Bret Martin killing. Snake was out and about doing what Snake did. Being as cautious, and as observant of the city’s newest arrival to Boston from Singapore.


                                                                                                                                        Page 16
As Uncle Jesse, and B.J. waited for medical examiner Jack Tunney to finish up with  his autopsy on the bodies that were inside the two metal containers.
“Have to give Jack credit dad, he sure has a stronger stomach for dealing with dead bodies than 
I would.” Smiling looking at him Uncle Jesse says. “Jack’s seen more than his share even after he was discharged from the army.” Nodding his head B.J. says. “I remember you telling me Jack served over sea’s as a medic.” Just then we turn to see Jack Tunney walking out of his exam room.
       “Well both of you can stop your searches for Little Anthony Mazzula, and Clive McDaniel.”
“I take it those were the intricate body puzzle pieces you were busy with in there?” Asked Uncle Jesse looking in through the mirror.
“Yes, sorry just needed to concentrate on the body parts placing them where they needed to go.”
“Better you than me Jack.” B.J. interjected stepping close to his dad for a look at what Jack Tunney was doing.
As the 3 of them continued going over the findings that Jack made from his  autopsy of Clive McDaniel, and Little Anthony Mazzula.
        My blood brother entered my office, at that very moment. “Hey Snake where you been  hidden?” I asked watching him fixing a coffee for himself then taking a sip of it before sitting himself down in one of my client chairs in front of my office desk.
“We have an elusive stranger within our fair city my brother.” Snake said before taking another sip of his coffee. “Wonder who he is?” I asked picking up my coffee cup then drank some.
“Unfortunately my brother his identity isn’t known as of yet. I spotted him however coming out of Logan.” The individual Snake spoke to me about had both of us curious enough for me to reach out and touch a familiar alley.
Johnathon Tucci was a mob boss until he was targeted from a rival crime family.
             Well let’s just say his demise wasn’t exactly up for debate when I pushed him out of the way of an overly excited gunman’s deadly shot missing him by inches.
Ever since I saved him that very day Johnathon has always said to me if I ever needed anything just to let him know.
Now more than ever I was hopefully his invitation was still on the table.
     “Hey Eddie, It’s been a while, How you been?” Said Jack, after replying back that I was well, and so was my wife. I began telling him the reason for calling him.” So, you have a stranger in the city huh? And he’s a Singaporean you said?” “Yes, Johnathon that’s right,
“I’ll get in touch with one of my old contacts I know from south east Asia she might be able to help.” Thanking him for his help we disconnected from our call. Picking up my coffee cup
Snake asks. “So, until you hear back from Johnathon what’s next?”
                                                                                                                          Page 17
Looking at my office clock seeing it was almost 5:30pm I suggested to my blood brother.
“Perhaps, we should go check in with Uncle Jesse, and see if any new developments have been discovered.” Flipping a coin to see who would drive to Police Headquarters I snapped my fingers
loosing to Snake again. While we in-route to meet Uncle Jesse.
But as we were heading there B.J was just arriving at Boston’s Logan Airport, and terminal 72.
      “Hey Rick, So what have we got?” Dressed in his grey suite B.J. walks over to his lead detective for a report. “Director James, a call came into F.B.I. headquarters about a 22yr old flight attendant that was seen being forced into a white van then it drove off with her.” Said Rick Carrington B.J.’s second in command.
      “One of the victim’s associates said the attendant’s name is Lisa Westbrook, she’s 24yrs old.” Shaking his head looking down at the pavement in front of him B.J. replies back to
his second in command. “Any sighs of a struggle at all?” Watching an officer bringing over an evidence bag both of them look at its contents. “Just a pair of clogs one of the victim’s friends said Emily used to wear, she also said the victim when she wasn’t working preferred walking around bare foot.” Nodding his head to Rick Carrington the gentleman proceeded to gather more evidence leaving my cousin there wondering what is the motive behind this mysterious abduction of an innocent flight attendant?
      However, as my cousin was wrestling with this new development in regards to this bizarre  case. Snake, and I were briefing Uncle Jesse with our half of it. “So, you think your friend’s contact could be of assistance?” Nodding my head I replied back to him “Johnathan says his contact is a pretty reliable source, so lets see what he can find out from this contact?” nodding his head Uncle Jesse says next to us. “Just so you know, those two west coast hitman are dead,
and officer on his routing patrol came upon two large metal containers with the most vile stench you couldn’t believe”
       “Let me guess, inside of those containers were the remains of Little Anthony Mazzula, and Clive McDaniel’s?” Looking down at the paperwork from Jack Tunney he gives it to me to view.
“Yes, they were dissected by a real professional who obviously knew what he was doing.”
“Sounds like it, wow get a load of these pictures Snake” Looking at them first I passed them
after over to Snake for a gander.. “Hmm, interesting incision technic.” As Snake and I continued
looking at the gruesome pictures Uncle Jesse received a phone call from B.J. Upon hanging up after his brief conversation Uncle Jesse next tells us.
       “Well, that if you didn’t know was your cousin, he is at Logan international Airport following up on an abduction of a female flight attendant. She was grabbed and pulled into a white colored van that sped away.” Together Snake and I just shake our heads hearing this latest development. “Five senseless murders now an abduction this case keeps getting weirder & weirder. Snake replies placing the photo’s in fron.t of Uncle Jesse.
“The supposed victim’s is a 24 flight attendant Lisa Westbrook, and all they found were her clogs that she wore when she was grabbed and forced into that vehicle.”
“Just doesn’t make sense.” Looking at a photo of young lady that Uncle Jesse handed us.
But as we were trying to make sense of this latest development within this strange bizarre
case. A very disoriented and scared Lisa Westbrook found herself slowly awakening within her newest of surroundings.
                                                                                                                                             Page 18
The surroundings, as she franticly looked around her were indeed unlike anything she ever saw.
Boxes stacked upon each other, along with the coolness of the cemented floor beneath her bare feet. Unable to get up she felt her ankles had been tightly restrained to the metal legs of the chair Lisa found herself seated upon, as to were her wrists behind it.
         Whoever it was who abducted the young flight attendant chose to remove the rest of her clothes then redressing her in a pinkish colored very light silk slave skirt that came down to her bare knees that she found herself dressed in now.
        “My, my, look who’s awake from her sleep/” Said the strange voice from behind a black wall looking at Lisa Westbrook.
“Whoever you are you better release me or your going to be in big trouble with the authorities
When they find out what your doing to me.” Smiling the stranger watches as the young girl struggles to free herself, pressing a button next the young captive suddenly beings moaning,
 feeling strange two devices entering her body to make Miss Westbrook less argumentative,
and resistant.  
      “There you go, that’s much better doesn’t those two toys of mine make you feel so good little one?” The moans continued as someone enters quietly also bare foot seen standing beside Miss Westbrook with a moist swab the new girl rubs it upon Lisa’s arm, then taking a blue leather strap wraps it tightly just above Lisa’s elbow. The new girl then pulls out a surgical needle that she inserts into Miss Westbrooks arm that causes her to sink rapidly into a half dazed euphoric state watching her she closes her eyes slightly, as the strange drug mixture starts coursing through the young lady’s veins.
          Grinning to herself the bare footed leather clad girl watches as their drugged captive falls much deeper into her unexpected state. “I did it daddy just like you showed me, oh she’s going to fetch us a lot of money at the slave auction isn’t she daddy?”  Happily skipping through the door
to rejoin her mysterious father the daughter giggles seeing the beautiful victim with her eyes affixed to the screen before her. The girl continues softly moaning as her upper body slumps forward a bit watching the images being displayed right in front of her eyes.

                                                                                                                                           Page 19
           The very next morning after breakfast kissing my beautiful wife and my ritualistic 5 mile run there was an emergency meeting I was asked to attend at Police Headquarters.
All parties were in attendance Uncle Jesse, Robert, Snake, and  even my brother Elvis was there too. “Funny seeing you here little brother you know what this about?” Dressed in his blue, and white tee shirt, black jeaned pants, and white Michael Jorden sneakers. However, before my brother could answer me a gentleman who neither of us knew exactly stood up in front of Uncle Jesse’s desk clearing his throat before speaking.
     “Good Morning, My name for you who don’t know is Duncan Westbrook, and I am the district attorney for Massachusetts. This Morning about 6:30a.m. My daughter Emily was taken at Logan Airport in a strange white colored van, there still hasn’t been any ransom for her return.”  As Mr. Westbrook started to break down crying all the rest of us could do was look at each other in amazement.
It took several minutes before Mr. Westbrook re-composed enough to talk. We adjourned into
Uncle Jesse’s office.
      “My apologies for before it’s just, I’m sorry.” Looking at him placing his hands over his face.
“it’s alright Duncan you’re a grieving father any father would of broke down like that just relax and breath slowly” Watching him doing just that it took a few minutes more before he choked back a tear.
“All right, thank you Jesse I appreciate your patience with me you know dealing with.”
“Relax Duncan, you’re in good hands here, and you’re among friends.”
“Please Mr. Westbrook if you don’t mind me.”
“Wait Eddie, please call me Duncan.” Giving a short half smile he picks up a glass of water taking a small sip before I continued speaking.
   “Can you tell us Duncan about your daughter?” Watching him taking another sip of water
then re-adjusting his tie he had on only then did he describe his daughter to all of us.
“Lisa, and I had breakfast this morning before we each left for our perspective jobs but if I
knew what was going to happen I wouldn’t of.” Seeing Uncle Jesse motioning his head to us Elvis Snake, and I left to wait in the hallway.
    “He’s heartbroken beyond any reason to answer any questions now.” I said to both of them
“Clearly, listen big brother with this incident occurring like this wouldn’t it be a good idea to get the girls into protective custody or something?” With my arms folded in front of me I gave my brothers suggestion a bit of thought before replying back to him.
    “That’s not a bad idea considering we still have no idea who this Singaporean assassin is, or for that matter who he was working for exactly?” Not really having to ever tell him, Danny, Elvis, and I watch as Snake leaves to secure protection for the ladies.
In the meantime I thought it best for Danny Elvis, and I to leave Police Headquarters to reconvene back at “Flashback2”.
However, as we were in-route to the club, and into my office to go over this bizarre case amongst ourselves.  A leather clad barefooted individual was walking behind seven other ladies dressed in different colored slave silks. They each were seated with all of their wrists, and ankles restrained.

                                                                                                                                              Page 20
 “Excellent work, your niece seams to know what she is doing.” The stranger half smiles watching her, as she finishes up the slaves, then switches on each of their individual pleasure devices grinning she listens, as they all begin moaning.
“Don’t they all sound amazing?” Said the black leathered barefoot lady.
While the young lady re-checked them her father replied to Vincent Pacheco.
“I’m sending my daughter along to act as their Mistress until the auction.” Watching the grin upon her face the new Mistress grabs the hair of all of the seated individuals then asks each of them 2 important questions.
       “Who am I to you?” As each girl tries to focus feeling their hair being held one by one each of them say to the lady. “You are this girl’s Mistress.” Smiling now the attractive Mistress asks each of them. “And tell me now what exactly are you to me?”
Each girl who were asked this each answered exactly the same way. “This girl is your slave my Mistress.”
     Smiling again not only seeing Vincent Pacheco’s approval, but also her fathers the Mistress rewards each slave with more sensual stimulation as two separate vibrators enter each of the girls pleasure zones moving in and out of them and up and down within each of their derrieres.
Meanwhile however as this was happening B.J. And Agent Carrington came into my club office
placing a folder down in front of me.
Opening it I said next. “Oh my God don’t tell me?” Nodding his head back to me B.J. says back,
“Yes, wish it wasn’t the case cousin, but six more ladies those ladies were mysteriously abducted.” Shaking my head, I passed the folder over to let Snake, Elvis, and Danny see them.

Pandemic Dilemma

Hey Everyone,
Sorry I haven’t been posting any blogs lately things have been absolutely crazy. Every since March 16 when this dumbass pandemic hit I’ve only sold 4 books up to that point.
I have been struggling also with keeping my new years resolution, but I am writing The Return of Eddie James.
Have Chapters 1, 2, completed with chapter 3
The story starts with 3 murders of 3 individuals, by two west coast hitmen.
Then the two hitmen become murdered victims themselves when both their bodies are gruesomely die-sected , and placed in two large metal barrels.
Now a brand new individual is imported from Singapore, and who he is,
and what exactly he has with his connection to a Boston Mob Boss.